Is West Bengal Government scared of NPR?

অনিমিত্র চক্রবর্তী পশ্চিমবঙ্গ ভারত

Is West Bengal Government scared of NPR?

What makes the Trinamool Congress government in Bengal so averse to NPR (National Population Register)? Is it merely political antagonism or whether the party-led government is worried of umpteen statistical frauds committed by now in the state’s population scenario?  It has been learnt from close sources, stern gesture of the state government to skip MHA meeting on Census is being endorsed by both the Lefts and Islamists highly.

It must be kept in mind that statistical frauds to disparage and also ravage a particular community with ulterior motives and also win the final battle is no new subject and to this, Bengal is certainly adapted. The British had been the first agency to deploy  this precarious stratagem against Bengali Hindus by the end of 1940s and it’s known to all how the Census –  1941 in then undivided Bengal had proved to be invincible in portioning Bengal on religious basis.

Well, there was a also a strong apprehension that this would be the entire story or what the British would do to destruct the most rebellious, bête noire as well – Bengali Hindus, stiff in each aspect of social science almost. And the trepidation got public in the globally acclaimed “Modern Review”, published from Calcutta, in 1941 – through the seminal article “How the Present Census Policy is going to help the Muhammadans” by Sri Jatindrra Mohan Dutta.  

Pointing out and also exposing the heavily influenced British Census – 1941 Sri Dutta proved how the British administration was hell-bent to crush Bengali Hindus once and for all (found more through the later development of Bengal Famine – 1943, Direct Action Day and Noakhali Hindu carnage in 1946). And of the remedial measures to erase this nefarious design he suggested, “By changing the method of taking the Census from de facto to de jure population, by appointing the Union Board presidents as the Census Charge  Superintendents instead of the police officers in charge of the thanas or police stations in the moffusil of Bengal where the opportunities of committing statistical frauds and escaping detection are great, by fixing the basic hour as the early morning of the date of Census instead of nine in the night when the people are usually at home as was done in the previous Censuses. By fixing the date of Census in theh midst of so many auspicious days of Hindu marriages, the authorities are helping the Muhammadans to inflate their majority by artificial and adventurous aids. It is feared that the cumulative effect of all these  aids may help the Muhammadanns by as much as 3 to 4 per cent.”

And the worst apprehension of Sri Dutta proved to be true in the table of Sir Cyril Radcliffe when the snowballing effect of the statistical fraudulence played the most formidable role in joining the then Hindu-majority areas to East Pakistan, depriving West Bengal and the Union of India. 

The last five decades in Bengal under the Leftist cult has witnessed a huge influx of illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators, putting the number of asylum seeking Bengali Hindus to shame even and it’s needless to say, the international border as well as the security of India is compromised almost at every moment at the behest of Left administration (Left Front – 34 years + Trinamool Congress regime – 8 years) along with enormous lethargy of border manning Indian agencies, as information do suggest.

Now what is NPR? In accordance with the Central Government, NPR/National Population Register  is a record of the usual residents of the country. It contains information collected at the local (village/sub-town), subdistrict, district, state and national level under provisions of the Citizenship Act, 1955 and the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003.  What makes the West Bengal Government pass over the same unless there is actus reus/ wrongful conduct?

Without fail there is such causing an inconvenient discomfort to the state government. But what do we need to know is its gradation and how much it has betrayed the Indian perspective already.

Written by Animitra Chakrabarty

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